Is React the future of web front end technology?

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We used to write web page using straight HTML code, now there’s come React, rather than writing it in HTML, we write in React component, it is much more reusable, because with this approach, a component we can separated each of it, and then when we want to use it, we just need to provide its props and state.

Prop and state is how a component will behave, for example a Button component can be reused to have different color, different shape and different behavior when its clicked.

HTML tag is predefined and standardised, meanwhile React component we can create it by yourself, name it with whatever we like.

React codes can’t be executed directly by Web browser, so React developer created a tool to transpiles our react code to native HTML, Javascript, and CSS to syntax so that Web browser can display our application in web platform, and behave as we’ve already told in React/javascript codes.

The thing i like about React is already i told you above, we can write a component and publish it on NPM package manager so other people can reuse it, and we can also reuse it in another application. We can also use someone else's React component, that’s amazing prevents us from reinventing the wheel.

Is React the future of web based front end technology?

Well the web is the future of front end application, Javascript is gain more and more popularity, writing front end application using Javascript is the most efficient way to create a User Interface among other technology, with very sophisticated modern looking and bunch of libraries we can use, to build a Form, a chart or even 3D modeling.

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