Born too late to explore the earth, too soon to explore the galaxy

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

The question of what I want in life is a defining question I've always struggled to answer. All the knowledge I have, political views, and beliefs will be gone anyway when i die. It doesn’t matter what I want, in the end it just gone.

So why do I care anyway, i already have a job, not a steady one, but it’s enough to pay the bill, to feed me and my family, so why do i need to care about anything anymore? I mean why should I care about climate change, why should I care about global war, why should I care about human civilization can colonize the entire milky way in the near future.

I’ve always loved to watch movies or tv shows about sci-fi, you know like star wars and stuff. It is amazing seeing humans can explore the unknown, creating giant dyson sphere to harvest some star energy, go as fast as speed of light, it’s all amazing.

When humans can colonize the galaxy, they can go from one star to another just blink of an eye, we have infinite amounts of resources, we can feed an infinite amount of people because there’s no such thing as scarcity of arable land anymore because plenty of earth like planet in the galaxy. I think that’s the ultimate goal of my life, to see human advance in technology.

But that sounds like a dream that can only happen thousands of years ahead. There's no way such thing can happen in my lifespan, I am 25 now and only have 50 years or so left. The chance of me seeing humans on another planet is so rare. That’s sometimes I feel I am unlucky to be born too late to explore the earth, too soon to explore the galaxy.

I hope many others also have the same dreams as I am, so if I can't do it by myself, I am happy if there’s another person who can do it for me. It doesn’t matter who colonizes the galaxy first, I will be so proud as a human.

Probably Elon Musk is the person that i really admire. He has the same dream as I am, and with his wealth he is able to create the SpaceX project, and  able to launch the first private company to launch its rocket to Mars. Elon Musk is such a creative ambitious guy, basically whatever he wants in his life he can just flip his hand and it’s happen, is an Iron man or even God.

I’ve heard that Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder also has status as the richest man on earth is also interested in exploring the spaces. He created a project named Blue Origin, but not as successful as SpaceX.

I hope many successful men can join both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos in space exploration. This is the only hope for humanity, to achieve the next level of civilization, as in the Kardashev scale called Level II civilization, a civilization can use and control energy at the scale of its stellar system.

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