Why is it so hard to start doing things that to finish the tasks we have

not feel to do anything Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Many factors can prevent us from doing the things we really want to do, like laundry, wake up in the morning and exercise, eating healthy, finish the tasks in office, sleep early, and many daily activities sounds simple but in actual fact it can be done easily.

So why are we not doing all those things, even though it will give you significant impact for our life, getting rise, life healthier longer, happier. Why don't we do that, why is it so difficult?

Our psychology is both blessed and cursed, sometimes it tells us to stay away from danger, but on the other hand it also prevents us from improving our life.

Small things around us can prevent us from starting doing the tasks in our list, we need to finish it soon but we don’t even touch it. Some factor that may starting something is hard are for example :

- Not enough lighting in your room, or too bright
- Spaciousness of work desk, or too big
- Tidiness of my stationery and folders, or too tidy
- Cleanliness of my bookshelves, or too clean
- Not enough sunlight into my room, or too much sunlight

So those are few examples why we don’t do what we want to do, it’s because many factors around us, are either less or too much, we need the right amount of everything to be able to start everything. Even though sometimes you can push yourself so hard so you can actually start and finish your job, it is not 100% always that you will continue to do so.

Human mind is truly unique and complicated to understand.

As a software programmer I find myself really difficult to start coding and finish the bugs that are listed in my notepad. Sometimes because I don't sleep enough, or I sleep too much, or not having coffee or too much coffee.

It’s really difficult to have a perfect environment to start what is essential to us, deep inside we want everything to be done as soon as possible, our mind telling us to do that, but our body doesn’t even move, instead doing some little gratification like watching funny videos on YouTube.

I have simple tips  for you that work for me, it is that you should not think about anything, reject every thought that comes to your mind when you are trying to start something. Only think about finishing it, don’t think about how difficult, complicated it is, think only small improvement you can make to at least make a tiny amount progress. When you have progress, even if it's small, it will impact you to keep doing it.

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