Maybe I am Just Gonna Blow My Money In Stock Market That I Just Start

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

This last couple of weeks I've been doing intensive Stock trading, it is not my first time doing this kind of activity, I’ve been doing similar online trading in the past, but not stock, it’s Forex trading, which is for me much easier to enter the Forex market because there's a lot of Forex brokers out there offering Forex trading with only requirements

But this Stock market, i am doing local stock trading in my country, not in the US, the requirement i need to provide to register a stock account is and Identity card, and of course email and Phone number, but it’s more formal because it’s not instantly accepted, i need to wait for about two days.

The trades I've been doing so far is not profitable, it’s just gain small up, and the market is actually in a down trend because of the Corona virus, so the last Friday i don’t even enter the market at all.

I don’t have big money in my account, but i am still keep pouring my money into it, because I believe I already have a solid strategy to trade, so I am not afraid of the worst possibility of me losing all of my money. I don’t even care too much if I ended up losing it. I just sit, looking at the chart and Buy and buy as many stocks as I can, as long as if i still have the equity.

My strategy is just buying and buying, and i don’t even know too much about technical or fundamental analysis. I only buy when it’s low, and sell if it is already make a profit, even though it's a small percentage.

And also I avoid stock that is less known, I only play for the top 30 liquid stock or sometimes the top 100 at maximum, I avoid penny stock.

It’s been pretty fun activity, even though it’s only giving me small return, but I am happy. Because compared to Forex market, for me the Stock is much more predictable and less stressful.

And I am not quitting my job, maybe if I can consistently making money from the market, yeah i wish i could quit this job, because working in a company is just such a waste of time, I only love doing jobs that  truly enjoying it.

I start trading from before 9, before the market open and decided to buy if it looks promising, and I don't find it promising, i just need to wait for the next day.

And before the stock closed, i usually sell the stock that I bought if it’s indicating profit, I don't wait until the next day to close it.

It is not easy doing stock trading , but I always keep it simple, and again this is not the first time i am involved in the market, so I already have experienced in doing simple technical analysis , and understanding the fundamental etc, so I am not afraid of anything to start and doing the stock trading on a daily basis.

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