Watching Video Experiences In Windows 10 Movies and TV

Watching Movie Windows 10 Movies and TV

This is like in the middle of the night, while everyone fell asleep, no cars, no any other noise except from my computers speaker with 80% volume, watching this movie from 2014, John Wick. I don't know i can't sleep, so i decided to order iced McCoffee, a 24 hour resto.

Watching movies in the middle of the night is a quite experience.

I don't have Netflix, it's expired while ago, i don't continue the subscription, too expensive. So instead i am doing something i don't know if it's ethical or not, whether it is i am doing illegal action that could jail me, i downloaded movie from hacked movies website. And watched it offline using Windows video player.

A very satisfying computer operating system, Windows is amazing, it is my favorite OS I've ever used, I've tried different Linux OSes, also Mac OS, it is not as fast as Windows. The responsiveness, the UI, everything is just works perfect satisfied all my need.

I've been using Windows OS since the first time i know about computer, since then I've been trying to tweak this OS for the best use possible. So i know how to use Windows, how to troubleshoot, how to make it faster, etc more than anybody.

I am a quite an expert Windows user, i almost have full control of the OS, there's no way i can do that in other OS, probably Ubuntu is the closest, but it's still lag far behind Windows. No any other OS can compete with Windows's vastness of available applications either download it through official web vendor or from Microsoft Store, basically every software applications is available for Windows.

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