Don’t Just Hope For Something Can Get Better By Itself, Create Plans and Act On It

taking action, Photo by Fonsi Fernández on Unsplash

As I am still at a young age, I have many dreams and I still have the chance to achieve all of my dreams, to have a better life, happy, healthy and financially secure.

Then I just realized that all those things i want in life mathematically can be achieved, if i am not just hope for anything to happen by itself, rather if i make a proper planning, with good strategy with all my knowledge and skills, it all can happen.

I shouldn’t just sit and wait for any opportunity to come to me, I should go actively seeking for those opportunities.

Don’t be passive, to improve your life, to get better for yourself, you should have full energy, actively looking for opportunities, if the opportunity is coming to you, then take it, act on it.

You do not jost hope for something to exactly match your expectation. You should do something about it. If you are fat, don’t just hope you're gonna get slim tomorrow or the next day without doing anything, act on it, do some real physical activities, exercise, running, avoid eating junk food, eating healthy, do the real stuff that had progress.

Maybe you want to be financially better or have a steady job, or passive income. Wishes are just wishes, without any action, none of your wishes can become true. Don't just wish, to have done some actions, maybe try to properly get a financial education, maybe try to better manage your income and outcome, to be a surplus, so you can save more money.

If you just hope for everything in your life without proper planning and realistic actions on how to achieve that, then you can only feel uncertain, your mind will be constantly worrying, you don’t have vivid progress of that goals, whether you can actually make it or fail, and even worse you will go mad and crazy if the reality doesn’t come as what you expected. Because you don’t have planning, and you don’t have any clue what to do to get the expected outcome.

So better to make clear plans for your long term goals, put in Notepad, Excel or paper, then visualize the results, then do all of the required actions as the what you’ve planned.

If you are still uncertain about what kind of actions you’re gonna do, do some research, ask for some, or search on the internet. It can vary from person to person, you are the only one to know what the best actions to take that it would work for you.

Lucky, today we have almost an infinite amount of information available on the internet, just search on Google and start reading one site to another, select which most fit for you. Or buy some paperback or digital book on the topic you really like to read.

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