Blog Is Overrated But Still Legit In 2020

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Yes, there's millions of websites and blogs are there in the world, and the number of websites and blogs is also growing every year. So, if you are planning to be a blogger it is really really difficult to be a blogger and succeed. But i am not gonna discourage you to start your blogging journey, i am gonna show you some ways you can do to start blogging and maybe, there's still big chance that you gonna make it as blogger.

Here's some easy principles of blogging I learned along my journey as blogger guarantee to make your blog appears on the search engine.

1. Have a niece

You should have a blog with just one theme, don't be miscellaneous blog, it is recommended to choose a niece in a field that you are kind of expert on it, at least you understand what you are gonna write on your blog.

2. Make unique post with unique title and contents

Blogging worlds is so competitive, if you are writing contents that major player, it is really hard to compete them. It is much more wise to write contents that are unique and like nobody ever write it. Of course to make your blog full by contents, it is no problem to not have unique contents, but at least once or twice you should really write something that nobody's ever write it, and the rest, just do whatever you like as long as you follow the other tips i just write.

3. Stick to the grammars

Lucky us, that modern Word processor like Microsoft words and Google docs have spelling and grammar correction, it's basic grammar correction but it's enough to make our articles can be readable to the users, with correct spellings, also follow the basic grammar rules.

4. Long at about 2000 words per post

Writing long contents can make your blog reputations up, because search engine thinks that you take really serious on your blog contents. Also the longer you article the more words will be indexed by the search engine like Google, it means Google will have many search queries options of your blog. It is not always the blog with the longest article post that will appear on the top of search engine, or at least first page, sometimes even short article can show on the top of Google search.

If you are serious doing blogging, start by commit to yourself, push yourself to write longer.

5. Persistence in updating the blog

Never leave your blog unupdated, you must at least publish one article each day. Yes it is hard to keep writing article everyday, I find myself feel really difficult, writing long content with grammar. But you should push yourself to be a persistence person. Just have faith that someday you'll become a successful blogger.

Blogging is really difficult in the first two years, because there's kind of no certainty you are gonna make it, but it's just my advice is that if you are consistent and persistence, by writing stuff based on that above principle the upload it on your blog at least one post every day, by just blogging will eventually can be your source of income.

The number of people on the internet is keep growing and there's no indications of slowing down, so keep in your mind, you don't need to worry for your future of blog, it always guarantee of success for your blog if you keep making quality contents at least once every day, never make short contents, the source of our blog traffics is from the Search engine like Google and Bing, so make sure your blog post is SEO friendly, some experts blogger recommends to make at least 2000 words every single post you made. But you don't always, at least close to that number.

If you really want to make money from the internet, the seconds option I will suggest to you is by becoming Youtubers, I believe it's a lot of easier making money in Youtube than Blog, because Video marketing is much more profitable for the advertisers than Banner or Text marketing usually showed on blog.

And also making videos is also easy than writing, as you only need to have a camera (can be your cell phone you already have) then start talking to the camera and upload it to Youtube. Same as blogging, if your content is unique, and you are fun to watch, people will watch it, day by day if you are persistence on uploading contents, eventually you will make it. I am not a Youtuber but in my opinion it is much more easier making money in Youtube than Blogging.

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