Is Twitter Dying? Twitter Revenue From 2011-2019

Is Twitter dying? No, Twitter is not dying, in fact it's keep growing. Twitter is third biggest social media after Facebook and Instagram, the company Twitter Inc is not dying, they are keep growing,  look at this data below and the chart above. As you can see, they still make profit in billions a year. The number of Twitter users and Twitter contents is not declining either, the latest data (which we didn't show in here) also support that this platform is far from being dead.

Q1 '1117.91
Q2 '1120.77
Q3 '1126.42
Q4 '1141.21
Q1 '1254.31
Q2 '1268.05
Q3 '1282.33
Q4 '12112.25
Q1 '13114.34
Q2 '13139.29
Q3 '13168.58
Q4 '13242.68
Q1 '14250.49
Q2 '14312.17
Q3 '14361.27
Q4 '14479.08
Q1 '15435.94
Q2 '15502.38
Q3 '15569.24
Q4 '15710.47
Q1 '16594.52
Q2 '16601.96
Q3 '16615.93
Q4 '16717.21
Q1 '17548.25
Q2 '17573.86
Q3 '17589.63
Q4 '17731.56
Q1 '18664.87
Q2 '18710.54
Q3 '18758.11
Q4 '18908.84
Q1 '19786.89
Q2 '19841.38

Source: Twitter. Inc

Twitter is far from declining. The table above data showing that they keep profiting in big numbers, hundreds of million each quarter. Even though the social media competition is really tough, twitter is still survived, even Facebook is still survived after many people confirm that they leave it.

How the company make money?

Twitter generates money mostly from its advertising system, they sell spaces in its platform to advertisers to place the ads, they named it promoted products, promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. But other revenue also came from donations, like in the past when they don't even have advertising program.

Twitter the Platform

Twitter will not be forgotten soon, most of Twitter users keep loyal on this platform  because Twitter offer text base unlike Instagram which require at least a photo to make a post. People love twitting, it is much more simple and sometimes resonances to their follower, still covering what most photo based social media can't do. And also you can post photos on Twitter if you want to.

The competitiveness of social media and Tech world in general is really competitive. But twitter with their simple intuitive system making them still in the best social media of choices for many people ranging from common people like us, celebrities to politicians. They love the mini blogging kind of platform, you can only write at max 140 characters per tweet, but it's enough to share your thoughts, activities, information, and any other campaign you are promoting.

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