How To Take Control Of Gmail Inbox

Email marketing is one of the most marketing technique some company use to promote their products, it's effective and cheap way to . If you are online activity is so busy, you constantly register something on the internet by giving your email, you will get a lot of email from those companies which kind of spams.

1. Allocate time to Unsubscribe

If you open your email frequently, allocate your time to click on unsubscribe link. It usually located after the sender name and  email address.

If it is not located at that place, you can scroll to the bottom of the email and sometimes it has unsubscribe link on it.

You don't need to unsubscribe in one time, i took me months to completely take over my email inbox because i decided to unsubscribe every email promotion sent to my inbox every day. I usually only doing it for 3-5 emails a day. I have been really active on the internet, so probably I've register thousands of websites.

2. Don't check the receive email checkbox

Some services have an option to opt out email promotions from their registration form. If you don't want to receive any kind of promotions from the service provider, you can safely unchecked the receive email checkbox. This feature is really rare, usually many companies take the advantages of your email that you've submitted to gain more sales by sending you a lot of email advertising. Lucky you if this checkbox exists on the registration form.

3. Block the sender

If the company keep sending you advertisement or promotions and you feel mad about it. But when you unsubscribe from that kind of email, they don't give you a link to do that, the right thing you can do is by just block the sender. In Gmail web application, on the top corner right you will see three dotted icon, click on it then click the 'Block Company Name'.

Still the tips number 1 above is the one you should everyday, if you want to take control of your email inbox from so many spam emails. It's kind of distracting us, not at all engaging and keep telling us to buy their products even though we don't need them. Stay away from those corporate trap, they will drains your Credit Card for their profit.

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