CodeIgniter PHP Framework, Is It Worth to Learn?

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I've been doing PHP coding for my entire career as web based software developer, combined with Javascript it is the most easiest and faster way to achieve the goal of our projects. You know just doing front end web stuff, end some not very complicated business process with admin privileges, etc.

CodeIgniter is PHP framework for web based application, you can make business models, views and controller to be structured into what we called MVC framework. You can also do some URL routing, database transactions, form submit, etc. That's probably is the major reasons to use CodeIgniter, other than that, i think maybe the security is handled by CodeIgniter, file uploading, html form handling, but it is not the convenience way of doing html form. I think UI or form should be separated from the PHP codes, because if it is mixed together it's gonna looks really bad (unmaintainable).

Just for small project, if you know very well of PHP codes, Javascript and JQuery, you can do a lot of web application stuff much more faster, then as per my experiences using Java, with frontend like React or Angular. Using CodeIgniter is straight forward, unlike if you are using Java, you are gonna need to recompile your code even just a small changes.

The backward of using CodeIgniter is because there's almost no supporting tools, so you code with your own self, remembering all the syntax of the framework API, all the location of which configuration needed to be change for some reasons, etc. It is really challenging for the first time writing in that style. But don't worry, i think after years of doing the same thing over and over, you will get used to that.

Not that i encourage you to use CodeIgniter, just by simple measurement, if you have long term, heavily maintained the codes, you should choose a framework that has many tools to support the development process. If you are just dealing with small project that you won't intensively maintaining that, you can try CodeIgniter. Because it is faster from writing to deploying to codes into production.

I don't think PHP framework like CodeIgniter will be forgotten sooner, because the nature of tech world is keep growing, even if it will die, it is going to be slow, people still gonna use it for many coming years. Whatever it is the framework as long as it is still useful, there will be people will use it. People leaving CodeIgniter, but also there's always new comer, and some like myself is still consider CodeIgniter for some of my projects, I think that's the case for all technology.

As per my experiences doing codes in another language like Java, I think just using PHP and Javascript is not a good approach if you really care about your project future, if you want to maintain that project for long time, but for small project that don't need to be really complicated and less maintained, PHP is probably the easiest and fast way to deliver your project.

The PHP interpreter (the run-time processor) is not capable of handling million of transactions i read it somewhere, I've never tested it myself though, it is just what i heard somewhere. And the codes written in PHP is not easy to maintain, to develop the project in the first place is easy, but later things started to get really messy, it is because the lack of tools that can support PHP, even from the design of the language is making it is hard for doing complex things.

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