How to Launch Android Emulator Using CMD

Mobile Browser in Android Emulator

Whenever you need an emulator either for development process of mobile app, or you just want to explore it. You can run mobile Android emulator from command line on windows, or terminal in Linux and Mac OS. Follow these steps below to launch mobile emulator from command line without opening Android Studio.

1. Make sure  ANDROID_SDK/emulator is in your environment path, this path contains emulator.exe

2. After adding the path, now open terminal and execute this commands
emulator -list-avds

Example output:
C:\Users\adam>emulator -list-avds

3. Now run the emulator with this command
emulator @Nexus_4_API_22

Note: Change according to your emulator name

Make sure you already have Android studio, it is already bundled with Android SDK, emulators and and the tools you need from creating a starter Android project (the project structure), writing your logic codes, designing the user interface, and compiling it to APK or AAB so you can upload and publish your app to Google PlayStore.

actually you can just download the SDK without the Studio or IDE, but sometimes Android studio can be really helpful for lot of thing, it make easier for example create new emulator and managing the existing emulator, like wipe the emulator cache, adding more virtual external storage on that emulator.

If you want to develop multi platform mobile app, Android or IOS, you can use flutter framework. With just single code base, you can package your app for bot Android and IOS, it is such a life safer. You don't need to bot write Java code for android and Swift code for IOS, you only need dart codes, which is the language that flutter use.

Mobile development UI is not that much complicated compared to web development, it is just either, Java, Swift, or Flutter, there are not as good. I mean on the web you only need Google chrome browser to make beautiful user interface, so flexible and easy. With HTML, CSS and Javascript, it is lot of easier compared to using Java and XML based design on Android.

The problem with mobile emulator is that sometimes it is not responsive, not like real device, and the fact that there's many variety of version of mobile. In Android starting from android 4.0 (jelly bean) to the latest 10 (pie), it is many many API changing, And we don't talk about IOS. The UI on mobile devices is much more simple, but the development process of mobile app is not as simple as web based app.

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