Why I Love Intellij IDEA, The Best IDE In The World

Intellij IDEA 2019.3 Splash Screen

As a programmer, my only tools that i really need is an IDE (integrated development environment), without it, coding using Vim or just regular text editor can be really frustrating and just slowing the process of solving our problems. Lucky there is the smartest IDE the world ever have, Intellij IDEA, the ultimate code editor a programmer needs. I love Intellij, working using this tool really help me in many many situations when i am doing coding. These are the reasons why i really love it.

1. The smartest IDE in the world

Beautiful smart IDE, IntelliJ IDEA can analyzes your codes, looking for connections between symbols across all project files and all languages. Processing our codes to provides in-depth coding assistance, quick navigation, clever error analysis, refactoring and many many more. The IDE is really smart helping us with smart code assistants.

2. Many third party plugins

The core IDEA is separated from the main IDE functions to plugins, so we can disable and enable the plugins whenever we need and whenever we don't. So for example if just need Android features to develops Android apps using IDEA, you can disable other plugins that isn't related to Android development. If you want to develop Spring even front end like Angular, you can find the plugins related to that. Disabling plugins we don't need can makes Intellij IDE run much more smooth and fast.

You can also develop your own plugins if you are a library developer, for example the plugin i always have in Intellij is Lombok plugin, for Java development to not make us getter and setter writing anymore, only need to annotated our class with Lombok annotations.

3. Intellij is getting faster and faster

Say no more to IDEA lags, nowadays IDEA has been improved to the point of no lags. Even though Intellij is a big system that requires a lot of background processes, since version 2019.3 somehow they manage to make the IDE, especially the start up process is the fastest than the previous version. In the past i really hate the performance of Intellij when it comes to starting the program, i need to wait really long. But now it's not only fast in the inside, the start up is way way faster than any IDE in the world.

4. Customizable fonts and Appearances

Coding with ugly IDE can make you unmotivated, luckily Intellij IDEA looks can be customized to whatever it is suitable for us, you can change the main IDEA fonts, code editor fonts and its themes. There's 3 themes by default, Intellij, High contrast and Darcula. But again, you can find so many themes on Plugins marketplace, There's Material themes that i love it so much, yes it is material looks from Google, you can make your Intellij to have cool looks, just find and install it from Plugin Marketplace.

The only thing i don't like is Intellij theme is not responsive to OS level, so for example you may be change font size or title bar accent color from OS settings, but it is not gonna have effect to Intellij. But i think Jetbrains team works very hard on other most essential features, even Spring boot hibernate development (i believe the main focus of IDEA) sometimes the code processing is buggy, run time working well but the IDEA telling that it was an incorrect syntax. I believe in the future they can fix this and make our favorite IDE to be very responsive to OS changes.

You can be so much productive by using Intellij IDEA, this is the best development tools the world ever created. The only way so many people hate it is the cost of Intellij license, it almost unaffordable for individual programmer. If you are working on a company you may ask to buy its license, but for indie programmer it seems so expensive.


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