Youtube Search Is A Model Of What An App Searching Should Be

Youtube Search Filter

Developing application is not an easy thing, the more features application have means the more complex and hard the development process.  Even just filtering a search result feature sometimes it's really frustrated to develop it. Look at Youtube, it has the best search feature for searching videos we really want, like maybe we only want to watch video that has 20 minutes duration and longer, Youtube have it. Maybe we want to sort the video from the newest or the most views, also Youtube has it. Youtube searching is so perfect, like this is the best application searching design I've  ever seen.

Youtube is the most successful  video sharing platform in the World, not only the video we are watching are usually fast, because the server use by Youtube is very big i guess, but also Youtube develop their web based application, mobile application to be easy to use, to make people can find the video they want to watch accurately. By putting lot of parameter for searching, currently they have:

1. Filter by upload date

- You can select video that's been uploaded from the last hour, today, this week, this month and this year

2. Type

- Specify the type of search you wish, the output of your search, it has options for searching video tittle, channel, playlist , movie and show


- Video duration, if you like to watch short (less than 4 minutes) or long video (longer than 20 minutes)

4. Features 

The type of video, can be Live video, 4K, HD, Subtitles/CC, Creative Commons, 360°, VR180, 3D, HDR, Location and Purchased

5. Sort by

You can sort the search results by the Relevance, Upload date, View count and Rating

The Youtube search is even better than the Google search, if only Google search have the features similar to Youtube. I really love it. As software developer it can be your reference to create a search feature like what Youtube have.

As a video sharing platform, Youtube already have millions if not billions of video ready to watch, ranging from video blogging, food, TV shows, movie trailer, sports, and many many more. You can get lost watching so many Youtube videos, wasting your time and forget the actual things you may need to prioritize it first. Youtube sometimes annoying, and can make you lose your focus,

Only Youtube recommends is real sucks, it doesn't really recommend us any good, of course it is has to predict what people really want to watch, but i believe they are trying to make the recommendations videos to be more better than the current version. Even the trending videos on the top is really disappointing, but i think it is more what the majority people watched, if it is suck, then it is the mirror of our society.

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