FFMPEG Commands To Make Mirrored Video

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There's so many thing you can do with FFMPEG video editing library, for me simple video editing like trimming, cropping, flipping is much more faster doing it on command line or terminal using FFMPEG. And here's some commands to flip your video vertical or horizontal.

1. Flip video  vertically

ffmpeg -i INPUT.mp4 -vf vflip -c:a copy OUTPUT.mp4

2. Flip video horizontally

ffmpeg -i INPUT.mp4 -vf hflip -c:a copy OUTPUT.mp4

3. Rotate Video 90 degrees clockwise

ffmpeg -i INPUT.mp4 -vf transpose=1 -c:a copy OUTPUT.mp4

4. Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise

ffmpeg -i INPUT.mp4 -vf transpose=2 -c:a copy OUTPUT.mp4

Doing video editing using software with graphical user interface like Adobe Premiere or Illustrator is much more easier to do than if we are using just using commands line, but it is much more faster using the commands line if you understand how to use commands for video manipulations, FFMPEG is the library for doing video editing in command line, you can do a lot using this library, FFMPEG has been really helpful for me.

If you do not know where to get FFMPEG, go here on their official home page www.ffmpeg.org, download the FFMPEG bundled in ZIP, extract to your desired location, add the FFMPEG.EXE path to your PC environment, if you don't know how you can read it the example here: How to Add Path to Environment Path in Windows.

I've been doing lot of fun using FFMPEG. This is the best library to manipulation of video, audio and other multimedia files. From MP4 video format, MKV, to MP3 audio format. It's capable of doing many amazing stuff with your multimedia files. And also the documentation is everywhere, just searching Google you will find anything to do like for example video manipulation.

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