Tips For Beginner Software Developer

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Becoming a software developer is not a dream job i would say, it is far from enjoyable, fun and rewarding. After years then i feel myself not enjoying it anymore, writing codes. The average people stay in tech world as software developer is less than 2 years, after that short period of time, they will get bored and looking for another company or even completely steer into different field outside of doing software development, because it is not fun anymore.

I don't enjoy this job myself, the only reason i stay working in a company is that i don't have any income outside this job, i wish this blog can give me some hope, but it doesn't. I am still feel underpaid after years of experiences in coding. After long hours of working on a computer, you supposed to get some relaxation, but you don't, you will keep doing that in the night, tomorrow and the next day and the next day, it's just intimidating.

Here i give you three powerful tips before you go deep into software development.

1. Don't learn to much

There's a lot of programming languages, it is wiser to just saying No to almost all of them, you need to remember that the Tech world is just keep evolving in unpleasant way, the thing you learn 5 years ago might not be as accurate as effective for today's problem, some language replaced by new language is really common.

2. Language is just tools

Language is just a tools, don't learn too much about new thing that's been hyped by many peoples, they are not worth to learn, it's just gonna drain your energy and wasting your time. I would recommend you to stick with this Technology, Java, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and Flutter. Those are the top tools i mostly use in my career.

3. Focus on the results

Don't be such an idealist. Faith is good in many form but not in the process of software development, as long as you have the software running, it is okay to use whatever approach you are using. Just because the name of Class looks weird and then you decided to rename it but then if will ended up breaking the system, it is not good.

And don't reinvent the will, just search online if someone has already making the same thing you want to make, don't try to create it by your own hand, use the existing library. The less code you wrote the better your codes.

If you just starting your career as software developer, don't be too much serious on that, find a way to make living outside that job, software development not gonna pay you as much as if you are in entertainment industry or marketing industry, those two industries are for me where we can try to make good living, of course there's banking and investment, but it requires sum amount of capital to get started, it is guarantee to make good living, but it is harder to do for common people like us.

Maybe you are so excited right now about some stuff in programming languages, you maybe discovered something new in the language, that you never knew it before, so you got really hyped and having fun writing code. But remember, writing code is not the solution to have happy life. No body want to write code to be happy i guess, don't try to learn everything you think it is promising.

I think becoming Youtuber is much more makes sense to make living than, i am not Youtuber myself, i am planning to be. Right now, i am just probably preparing my energy, . There's no such think as too late to become a Youtuber.

YouTube or video marketing is right now the most effective form of marketing, this industry started to replace the traditional television marketing, because the cost of advertising in Youtube is much more affordable than advertising on television.

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