Non Technical Tips For Programmers

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Writing codes is the main job for programmer, we put instructions into computer so they can works for us whatever we need, creating software or robots to make the world be better place. But programming is not only just writing codes, human is powered by brain, sometimes it is difficult to fight against the behavior of our human nature, we procrastinate, unmotivated, angry, so many psychology related that prevent us from doing what we should really do, we have to tackle those challenges.

1. Get rid of distraction by uninstall unnecessary program

a. Games

We create games not playing it. Programmer should be the producer not the consumer, i don't say that you shouldn't playing video games, but don't install any games on your main working computer. Playing games in computer is for gamer not programmer. So uninstall those games or any other application unrelated to your work.

b. Anti Virus

As software developer like me, anti virus is just slowing down the process of our software development, whenever some heavy task, like installing some dependencies into our project, the anti virus will try to scans that packages coming to our project, even though it is just normal dependencies, the result is obvious that it can be twice as slow or even much much slower if you let your anti virus on while you are developing app.

Windows defender is an anti virus pre-installed in Windows for preventing viruses hijack our computer. But is it necessary to have an anti virus installed on your computer? Isn't windows already develop the OS to be secure?

If you are using Linux, it is really rare to have viruses infested your computer. They are really secure, also the market share of Linux maybe not very interesting for virus maker.

The source of viruses is usually coming from installation of some program we think it is a legit program but actually inside it is a trap. So, make sure that you never install any program whatsoever unless it is been use by millions of people, unless it is been well known. And also never download the program installer from other website that is not the official website vendor.

To get rid of viruses or malware from our windows computer is often something that is really hard to do, it is because the virus maker don't want that virus to be remove easily, they make the virus to be unpredictable, using installation path that is unknown and something trick you by using path or file name with popular application name, for example Chrome or Antivirus, it will trick you to believe that those virus is not a dangerous program. The easiest way to get rid of viruses is just backing up your data and do reset or re-installation of your PC.

2. Don't reinvent the wheel

This is really good tips for you, "The more codes you wrote the better the code" it means you don't have to write everything from scratch by your hand. If you face a problem, try to find library out there using Google, don't write every classes or functions by your self, not only it will take ages to write it, your classes is also only very well tested, not like the most libraries out there, they have been tested with many corner cases. If you think there's no library, you can write your own, but make sure that codes be really effective, efficient (less codes), and it is portable or reusable.

Focus on the results not the codes, say no to any temptation of doing and trying thing people keep talking about, it's not worth your time to spending to learn many programming languages, in your career you might only use 4 or 5 languages, other than that you will never use them. Don't follow whatever the masses, don't learn to many things in your programming career, you will get distracted and not focus on the results. keep writing codes that has on result. If it doesn't showing you any results, don't do it.

3. Back up your codes to Cloud or GitHub

Our computer can not stay on forever, we don't know if in the middle of heavy working it's suddenly unable to dead, it can happens sometimes. To prevented data lose from unwanted accident. Make sure to have back up of your data.

Either using GitHub or your create your own Git server. Or if you are too lazy to push your codes all the time, you can use Cloud product like Google drive or Microsoft OneDrive, they will backup your data instantly, so you don't need to do anything. Remember to not include any temporary files, build folder, and library folder like node_modules.

I think those tips is not gonna be enough, it's never enough as the nature of tech world is keep growing in unpredictable paces. You will find out your self the things you should and shouldn't do, to make yourself much more productive and successful.

Programming career is not a noble or prestigious career, it is far from enjoyment and pleasure. I feel myself after years of doing my job as programmer, i don't feel like doing it any longer, it is just stressful job, looking screens everyday is not the human nature, and it's also doesn't pay you that much.


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