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Javascript don't have money formatting, while in fact almost all top languages don't have that kind of feature, even though this format is largely used in business software. Here's what i a usually use to do money formatting.

Number.prototype.format = function(n, x, s, c) {
    var re = '\\d(?=(\\d{' + (x || 3) + '})+' + (n > 0 ? '\\D' : '$') + ')',
        num = this.toFixed(Math.max(0, ~~n));
    return (c ? num.replace('.', c) : num).replace(new RegExp(re, 'g'), '$&' + (s || ','));

To use it simply look at these examples:

(123000000).format(0, 3, ".", ","); //"123.000.000"
(123000000).format(0, 3, ",", "."); //"123,000,000"
(123000000).format(2, 3, ",", "."); //"123,000,000.00"
(123000000.99).format(2, 3, ",", "."); // "123,000,000.99"

Problem with money format is that while money is usually a number, you can do mathematical operation like adding, subtracting, etc. But once it has been formatted into money, it will become string, so it can be calculated using mathematical operator anymore. Also each different country has different format, so it's kind of not easy thing to do.

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