MySQL Database Pros and Cons, Why Is It Really Popular

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These are several MySQL pros and cons i listed, not that very much list but enough for just as an information, why people using MySQL over several database competitor, and also some contradictions why is it bad, and so you can decided to choose another DB system if you think MySQL is not the right choice for your type of project you are currently doing. I am not really an expert, it is just based on my experiences as software developer for many years (not that long though).


- Free, you can download MySQL community edition, or the open source MariaDB, it is basically just an open source version of MySQL
- Easy to install, in operating system that has package manager, with just single install of command line, your mysql will be ready. In Windows, the installer is really straight forward
- Not so much heavy, meaning it will not cost your computer memory or CPU usage, MySQL don't need that much of your computer resources
- Big community, so many technical, non technical documentation online
- It keep growing. yes MySQL is not gonna be obsoleted for very long time, in fact its users keeps growing and some additional features being added, performance and security keeps getting better
- So many tools / database management tools for creating, modeling. SQL development, importing, exporting, etc


- Can only be installed as a server database, meaning it can not be embedded in portable application, although you can do that with little bit of trick, it is not the right database choice for that kind of embedded system

Almost perfect product, i can't figure out why is people not using MySQL, it is flawless in my opinion. Why is MySQL really popular, i already mentioned above on the pros sections. I can't even talk too much about MySQL cons. It is perfectly working, it is not lagging, not consuming my RAM, CPU's, etc. I can design, modeling my database for my application so much easy and fast.

MySQL is the most popular database management system in the world. Millions of website developer using as the main database system of their application. Why people using MySQL over many variety of database system out there, ranging from free to paid, light to really heavy database system?

I think it is because the brand (MySQL) is already popular for very long time, most of shared hosting provider like Namecheap offer it as their main back end database system, usually along with Apache Httpd Server and PHP, it is complete full fledged free software stack for web development.

Also because MySQL is free, easy to install, not very much heavy, and documentation availability in the internet is enormously huge.  Starting from the popularity as web apps back end, it gain more more widely used outside the web development.

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