How to Make Money Online in 2020

Make money online, Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

This 2019 almost ended, and start a new year 2020, if you have a resolution to make money from the internet, or using media internet, you can try some of this options of you to start making money from the internet. Here's some ways people do to make money, there's lot of ways, but i will ranked it from the easiest to hard.

1. Start Youtube Channel

You can start by creating a Youtube channel. Youtube is the easiest yet an effective way for lot of people to make money online. Many YouTube can make thousands of dollar in very short period of time, it is not scam, it is been proven by so many people on YouTube.

All you need to do is creating a video that people want to watch, not a trash or over produce videos. You can start even with your phone camera, talk about something you like, then upload it on YouTube, it's easy and simple.

It is not gonna be easy in the beginning of your channel, but keep going, keep making contents, give some values in it, give some values that make your audience will love it. If your video is really unique, and if people enjoy it, it is guarantee of your success.

2. Write A Blog

Some people say you will not make money from blog, this is true consider that making money from blog is really slow, painful and make lot of blogger want to give even before they could actually make money. But actually, if you consistent on writing to your blog, put lot of valuable contents in it, soon or later it will pay your effort.

It is not that hard to start a blog, Here is some steps you can follow.
1. Register a blog at, is the easiest one.
2. Then decided your blog niche, niche is a topic for your blog, can be Technology, traveling, financial education, etc.
3. Buy a domain name, because I've never seen any domain appear on google search. And also make your domain almost identical with your niche.
4. Start writing on your blog on daily basis

Also isn't an easy thing people can do. But don't let that The key is just start writing from now, if you are not practicing yourself you will never have the ability to do it. Start practicing on it from now, and then eventually you can do it.

3. Selling stuff online

Either through social media like Facebook or Instagram, you can sell your product online, or using some market place like Amazon or eBay. So many people has been really successful selling their product online. It is easier for people to buy a product online than go to real market or store. Even some market or store already start selling their product online. But don't worry, there's always people looking at your product to but it. Online market is huge opportunity.

Not just as a first hand seller though, you can also selling product as a re-seller or and affiliate seller like Amazon affiliate or eBay, or any other online marketplace that has affiliation program. If you don't have your own product, register as an affiliate or re-seller and start selling it online.

Again, you can use social media, like Instagram or Facebook to promote, or to advertise your product. Advertising is a guarantee to make a sale of your product.

4. Make a Mobile App or Games

Well, this is the hardest then the above. Making an app is not easy let alone make A mobile games. Making an apps is really daunting, requires hours of hours working on it, and it is not guarantee that there will be any people installing your app. I created some mobile app and not single people installed it, it really turn down my emotional, i become unmotivated and not want to make it anymore for quite sometimes.

From the beginning it is already difficult, like what our app would be or would be look like, is someone already make it? Your app or games should be unique, with good looking interface and functionality.

But if you successfully deliver your app, people than use it, it is . Some richest man on the planet Like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, they are an app maker, you know what i mean. They created Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and now they are billionaire. Starting from small idea become big business, require lots of persistence and determination, and a believe that they can be success from their app that they created.

5. Be an online freelancer

If you have some skills, just google some freelance website, register yourself, create an interesting profile. And start finding some freelance job you can do remotely from your home. Of course it is not gonna be a straight way to make money, you will compete with another freelancers to win a project. Some may offer lower hour rate price, some may have already tons of portfolios, online freelance is tough world for beginner.

As long as you keep trying and making a bid, make strategy, learn from your previous mistakes, you will eventually get a project that you need to finish it and you can get money from it.

6. Teaching stuff online

Udemy is one of the popular online course website out there. If you have some background on teaching, or even not, as long as you understand it really good, you can teach your skill to someone, just start Udemy as a teacher. Create an interesting profile, and upload some video tutorial in it and if someone willing to pay watching your course, you will make money.

Youtube is probably the simplest, the straight way to make money in the internet. Blog is maybe not that easy for some people, but it's actually not that hard, all you need to do is practice and just start from now, not hesitating to learn. Even Youtube will not guarantee to make money for you if you lazy. Basically everything is hard, whatever it is living in this modern and big cities require skills and creativity.

In this age of internet, in the majority part of the world is in peace, people can be really creative, showing their values to others within internet, and making lot of money. Everyone has chance to start their own way to make money from now. If you still blind or don't know how to start, just find out online, there's tons of material you can study them and don't overthinking and just start.

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