Intellij IDEA 2019.3, The Fastest Java IDE

IntelliJ The Fastest Java IDE

Starting from Intellij IDEA 2019.3, the start up experience has been really amazing, never been before the launching of IDEA is fast as this 2019.4 new version, I am really happy that this improvement is happening, I am a IDEA fan, this tools has been really helpful for writing Java codes, not only Java though, it also support many languages using plugin. But if you want to code in other language, for example PHP, there's PHPStorm, for Python you can use PyCharm.

Here's some new feature and improvement of Intellij IDEA version 2019.3:

  • Smoother mouse scrolling.
  • Intention action doesn't disappear from the list of suggestions.
  • Field Call Hierarchy.
  • Find in path displays file extension of the search results.
  • Better performance on importing a Gradle project.
  • Improved Maven support.
  • Timeline for GitHub Pull Requests.
  • Reworked Clone dialog.
  • Force addition to VCS a file from an ignore list.

And so many more changes for improvement of the IDEA, you can go here for the detail of the release to Intellij homepage:

Intellij IDEA is still not that intelligent, like showing error in editor but the actual run-time is not, so you must not just believe in the IDEA but more on the build tool like Gradle or Maven, but i think the problem is not on the IDEA core, but rather the plugin support, the plugin will keep maintained and will give you an update separately from the big clunky IDEA core. Just send feedback to their support team if you found some mismatch on the IDEA.

It's not perfect yet, and maybe never, because the nature of technology is keep evolving and it is big thing that is impossible to have 100% accuracy. Java language itself is keep evolving, starting from Java 9, it is been radically changed for the modularization, it turns out to be really complex, for some old codes to be port to new version is incredibly not easy.

Intellij is really cool, every aspect of Intellij IDEA is specifically designed to maximize developer productivity, it is true, I've been using IDEA for the last 3 years and been really happy what this IDE can do, also it's keep improving really fast, getting smoother, faster, robust, it is all getting better each new version release.

Intellij powerful static code analysis and ergonomic design make development not only productive but also an enjoyable experience. Try it for 30 days free trial and you will love it. It is the best IDE I've ever found in my life, helping you codes much more faster than using any regular IDE, much more productive as software developer.


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