Sticky Notes The Best App For Taking Notes On Windows

Sticky Notes on Windows 10

If you are working with computer in daily basis, i mean working with computer all the times like me, it is a daily routines to have so many tasks to do, you can write it down using sticky notes, very simple yet useful app for your windows computer. Not only for writing done to do list, sticky notes can help motivates you toward your goals you want to achieve, it's like sticky notes constantly telling you to stick with what you plans.

Here's some features of Sticky notes that make it really useful.

1. Sticky notes open automatically whenever computer restart

Unlike any other app, for example notepad, sticky notes will open itself automatically whenever you login to your computer. No need to open it manually by clicking its icon, it's really practice.

2. Some Text Formatting tools

Sticky notes allows you to format the notes you created, so for example to make it more clear and bigger, you can use Bold formatting, if you want to emphasis maybe you can use italic. There's also tool for making list with dots in front of list, so you don't need to manually adding for examples strip signs. You can even add some pictures if you want.

3. It can even be synced with your Microsoft account

So when you reset your computer or using new computer, if you then login using your Microsoft account the notes that is in the old computer will be automatically synced and available to your new computer.

4. So small and light

I use this program a lot for taking notes in some situations if it is not involving very long words, if i need to write long texts i will use Google Docs, of course it's a different situations, sticky not aims to do simple things, word processor for doing bigger things.

Sticky not already available since really long time, from windows  vista, windows 7 now windows 7, if you don't have sticky notes in your windows PC, go to Microsoft store and search for or just click this link Get Microsoft Sticky Notes.

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