Some Helpful Tips For Beginner Web Programmer Front End And Back End

Web Programmer - Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

I am not a pro web programmer, but I've been in this industry for about 5 years now, I think it's quite enough experiences to have some lesson learned along my career. I do both for front end and back end development, so these tips are for you if you are just starting your career on web programming on those areas.

1. Always finish the task, never postpone

In any situation, if you postpone something it's going to be really hard to start, so you will waste a lot of time if you are not trying to finish the task right now. Writing codes can take time, even some task that we thought it could only took several minutes, but along the way while you are trying to solve these problems, it turns out to be there are a lot of complicated logic that one depends on another. So the problems can only be fixed if you fix the other first, that could end up in a long chain of codes.

2. Focus on the output, not on the codes

Whatever the task, just make it done, never try to make it too perfect, forget about how bad you solve it, as long as its working, it's just okay. Don't try to be perfectionist, unless you don't have a deadline. Focus on output, not on the codes. Besides, after you finish all the business process, you still can rename it, if you are using sophisticated IDE, it's not gonna take that much long.

3. Create a to do list in spread sheet with progress status

Create a to do list in spreadsheet, list all the tasks you want to solve, even just small task like changing labels, write it on spreadsheet, you can use Google spreadsheet it's more light and more convenient than using Microsoft Excel. Google docs is free, it's online so you can share it to other people so they can see your work in progress.  Add a column for status to mark whether the task is done or leave it blank if it's not been done yet.

4. Using libraries

If you are using Java there's maven package manager, PHP there's composer, Javascript you can use NPM. If you face a problem that's really complicated that you need some special tools, try Googling for specific about your specific problems, if the library exists, then just use it, never trying to write everything by yourself. The better the codes is the lesser the codes.

Those are just 4 simple yet i hope it's helpful tips I can give you, those are the things in my mind that I'll do it everyday whenever I work doing programming. Programming is not an easy job, sometimes it can be time consuming, so you should have an effective ways to manage your time, to get things done.

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