How To Access Others Computer Using Windows OS

Windows RDC and TeamViewer

For some reasons, sometimes we need to log in to someone's computer to gain full control of their system. For example maybe for fixing problems that occur on someone's computer but the person is far away from our house and they didn't know the instruction we gave to them via text messaging, so the only way we can do is access their computer and try to fix it.

We can access somebody's computer without touching it physically. Accessing other computer can be done in Windows computer using several ways, but there's 2 most popular ways of accessing remote computer, that is Using Remote desktop computer from Microsoft and TeamViewer a third party application.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is practice way of accessing remote computer as long as both computers have an internet connection. The host only need to start TeamViewer and then set the password give the credential to the client so they can login to our computer correctly.

Because its not available by default in Windows, to download TeamViewer you can go to their official website Also using TeamViewer if you want the two computers should be able to connect bot must have the same version of TeamViewer, if it's different than it can't connect, simply just upgrade computer with lesser version.

2. Remote desktop computer

You can use Remote desktop connection if you are in different network. So if you are still in the same building as the host computer and using the same network, you can access the host computer. Actually you can access Windows server computer if it has public IP.

I personally like using Remote desktop computer because you don't need to download and install third party applications, I can just open the program and type the IP of computer we want to access, but you need to be in the same network.

Although using TeamViewer both host and client should download and install the same TeamViewer first, it is much more convenient because you can access remote computer using TeamViewer even outside LAN. TeamViewer is much more useful, I prefer using TeamViewer over Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

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