How To Show File Extension On Windows File Explorer

File Manager, Explorer Icon Transparent 

If you want to change the file extension for example from JPEG to JPG or whatever you want, you can do it using File Explorer. By default Windows file explorer do not show you the extensions of the file listed on it graphical interface, it only showing the name of the file and then some other attributes like the date of when was the file created and Size of the file.

To change the extension of file through Windows File Explorer, follow the below steps
1. Open Windows File Explorer
2. Click on the menu View, then checked the file name extensions

3. Navigate to the location of the file you want to rename
4. Right click and rename the file for whatever you want, if there's a pop up warning, just proceeds Yes or OK

Windows File Explorer is the default application for managing Files on Windows 10, sure there's many other File manager application available on Microsoft Store, but why would you use them when there's already a very capable of doing file operations such as renaming, copy, pasting, sorting, etc, and it's provided by Microsoft, which of course free, safe, and regularly maintained by Microsoft.

There's no day not using Windows File Explorer in my entire life using Windows operating system. It provides a smooth, simple graphical user interface for accessing our file. There's many options it provides for make as easy to manage our files, cutting, renaming even hiding the file so other people that maybe using our computer can not see it. Windows File Explorer a perfect full package file manager, you don’t need to have any other similar third party app.


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