3 Most Used Database Management/Development System

MySQL Workbench, SSMS and Navicat

Managing database can not be done by just using simple command line queries. Sometimes it's to complicated so we need to have a graphical user interface to get things done with our database.

Wit a management tool, you can do many database operations much more quickly, you can just navigate to different menus and buttons that are available on the program you are using.

Here are my top three favorite database management system I usually use when I need to be doing some database operations.

1. MySQL Workbench

It's kind of like the official database  management tool for MySQL. It quit comprehensive on doing some database stuff.

It can only be used if you are using MySQL database, well maybe you can use it for MariaDB, which two databases have no significance differences.

But from my experience. I have tried basic functionalities like queries, schema design only. I am not sure if it can be compatible for more advanced operations.

2. SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

This also the official database management studio like Workbench, but as already stated from its name, it can only work for SQL server database. It's completely Microsoft based program for Microsoft product only.

The UI looks so classic, not modern, blurry text, etc. It also laggy on some lower computer specs. I am using 8 gigs with Intel core I7, maybe you need much higher specs.

But sure it's full pledged system, you can do almost everything advanced using SSMS

3. Navicat

Navicat by Premium Soft is the best, perfect, for doing database operation I've ever used. The program is loaded very quick and also everything just work really nice and accurate.

Features so complete for a database management. It's not freeware application, but sure it's worth the many you pay for. This is the perfect tools for doing almost all kind of database system.

Navicat is the perfect one, it's not only capable for managing MySQL database system, but it can also do other system like SQL server. In fact ,it supports many other database systems such as MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

It is harder to do some SQL queries on our database just by using a terminal or console. For some simple commands of course maybe we can do it just using console. But it's much more efficient if we use an advanced database management with user interface suited for the specific database you use.

As programmer, those three programs are among the must have application, because i really need them for doing my job. They have been very helpful for my database development tool needs. I hope they can improve to make much more efficient and feature rich.

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