Tips How To Write Blog Articles Regularly Every Day

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Writing a blog post is not easy even if you have lots of vocabulary, knowledge or skill in writing. It's often the hardest part of writing is in our psychology rather than in the writing itself.

You will face many challenges to even start writing one or two sentences. It's gonna be harder if you don't start it right now, you will get distracted by your phones or friends and eventually you will end up never actually write any sentences at all.

But actually if you can fight yourself from your distraction and your low self esteem, putting your thoughts into writing can be easily done. These are tips you can do if you want to actually write regularly.

1. Don't procrastinate

The more you postpone to write the more you will never actually write anything at all. Procrastinating is the biggest negative habit most of use have. It is easier to just doing nothing, not putting your brain into battle that may or may not we will succeed. The brain just don't want to put us into risks we may end up fails.

If don't procrastinate, when you have the urge to write something, just start right away by opening a document editor, can be a Microsoft Word or Google docs, put some title and add some outlines about what you are going to be writing about.

Don't push yourself too hard at first, just use simple words, it's gonna be hard when you try to be perfect at the first phase of your writing, you still have chance to edit it later.

2. Don't wait for the perfect idea

Perfect idea is not something that your mind can't comprehend frequently, it's rare occasions to have a perfect idea coming into your head every day. If you wait for a perfect idea's coming, you'll just end up waiting and never actually doing anything.

Sometimes perfect idea comes in the middle of the process of writing, when you write a few paragraphs or sentences, occasionally those ideas can come to your brain. Just continue the topic you begin with and those perfect ideas write it separately.

3. Don't overthinking

You may be overthinking about what the best title or what the best topic to put into your blog post, it is such a waste of time, don't do that, it just prevents you to start writing for your blog posts.

Write whatever is in your mind, you can reread them and edit it later as long as you don't publish it yet. It will just you seeing those nonsense words.

On the first phase of writing, never overthinking, whatever words comes to your mind, just write it down, you have a chance to edit it later.

4. Write it as draft

As soon as you find some topic you want to write, just start open your favorite document editor like Blogger post,  WordPress post editor (if your using WordPress), or even just on Google docs or Microsoft word.

Put a writing skeleton outline, writing skeleton is basically like a table of contents,  what you have to write without you actually thinking about the meat of that content. You don't need to put perfect words, just a few words, the main idea of what will be a paragraph.

So those are what techniques I usually apply to write articles regularly. I am not a good writer, I don't even consider myself as a writer, but I've been writing a lot of blog posts online for many many articles, so I hope those four tips will help you if you are a beginner writer to start you writing and making content for your blog.

It is not that important to publish a really sophisticated work, especially if you are writing on a daily basis, there's no way you can write a very edgy, fun articles every single day.

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