Tech Blog Junkies, Why Most Of Those Tech Blog Is Boring

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It's only me, or all of those tech blogs out there in the world are a complete useless.

Don’t get me wrong, even this blog included, it's shitty. I don’t want defending myself, i also feel that this blog can’t give you relevant information based on what you need, or what your interests.

We don’t have that kind of technology to detect and provide you something like that. Instead we are just keep writing as we can and forget about what can make user feel satisfied.

This and all the tech blogs in the world can not survive if we only posted quality content. It’s not that people don’t like quality content, but judging what it is a quality content is relative. Different people, different moods, different ideology.

To perfectly give what people want from a blog is not possible, the technology that’s being used on any blog in the world is still primitive.

What can we do? We have Google analytics and Google search console, but it’s not enough. Sure it can track what people search on Google then clicking our website, and we can.

But then different day, they’ll have different interests, and finally we lose them because we can provide what they want.

It’s difficult to track human interests day in day out, I mean even Google with those many resources, still can’t perfectly giving what their users want. As a social creature, we are constantly influenced by many factors.

Whatever beautiful an article is, it will not guarantee a success to gain people's attention. So that’s why 9 out of 10 posts from most of tech blog i know is garbage.

Sometimes, just by reading two or three words from its title I already don't feel like to continue to its full title, let alone the description. We don't need them, it’s boring, already read from other sites, it’s click bait. And a lot of other different reasons.

To constantly creating many new articles each day about technology without being boring is truly impossible. Simply because there’s not enough important events to report on it throughout the day.

To watch the moon landing, and the next day Mars landing, and then the next day maybe Pluto landing, it’s not going to happen. the cycle of new coming inventions in tech world can be very slow.

Instead we will be served garbage every day we open tech blog. Most of the article they've written, the information they provide will not have anything to do with you, because It’s just some absurd insights about a topic you don’t really care about.

If you understand those reasons, if you want to keep as productive, subscribing to their mailing list will not help you in any case. It's even better if you just get rid of their notification and email, having constantly bombarded by notification from them will just make you even less productive. They will send you tons of emails and notifications which most likely will be either a marketing campaign or even spam.

All tech blogs are the same, they are the same as a regular news we see on newspapers or TV. They are even boring because Tech blogs of course will only showing you anything about technology.

It's like the world is very small and boring, the innovations is growing but it’s slowing down, those tech news reporter will not get enough information to feed their boss hunger.

Tech blog is not a world where you can get smile and laugh while you dive into it. It's more about creation and innovation, technical stuff, really serious matter. Technology as a tool for delivering those industries that can make us relax and laugh, the entertainment world.

So if you want to get entertain you need to look somewhere else like sports, drama, music, etc, Not reading a tech blog.

Maybe If people in the tech world blog just don't over produces information and fact, it might be less boring. Create something unique, can’t be found somewhere else.

I love reading tech articles about someone’s insights, rather than reading facts. People’s insight is unique, people share their experiences about the past situation they faced.

Tech blog is a thriving, it’s easy to write stuff about technology compared to other topic. So, whoever involved in tech blogs, if you want to keep survive, stop producing garbage.

But then, if you readers don't like all those tech blog junkies, it’s up to you, you can just stop reading it, even block them, block their website so you can not access them any longer.

I myself can not write a not boring post, it's hard and time consuming to create a humorous entertaining tech topic.

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