New Statistics Menu Update

Blogger New Statistics Chart

For a while i thought Google will never never touch Blogger because maybe it is not their priority, but this has been month and there's not significant improvement, but it a bit cool that they still maintaining our beloved blogging platform

1. The stats menu

While the functionality is still the same, the stats menu it's now little bit more clear, there's no world map showing you which user's country visited your blog the most. Now you can see Today, yesterday, this month, last month and all time total visits of your blog, it's cool, you can also filtered it by Now, last 24 hours, 30 days and all time. And also you can see your most visited blog posts and its total visits.

2. Little bit material design, but not fully

From beginning open, you will see the new fresh looks of Blogger, not that much different than before but there's little changing, i think it which change gradually.

After abandoning Google Plus, i worried that Google will soon doing the same thing with Blogger, this is my favorite blogger platform, really useful, simple and easy to use, i believe there's still millions of active Blogger users out there, constantly updating their blog contents.

Blogger has been around for a while, I am glad that Google the owner still have times to maintain this Blogger platform. For me, this is one of useful Google products i use, i will really be sad if they decided to shut down this project, i hope they will never ever do that the same as they did to Google plus. Yeah Google+ is useless, there are  a lot of social media better than Google+.

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