Sublime Text 3 Simple Reasons Why Use It And Why Not

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Sublime text is one of the most popular code editor programmer use for writing the codes, it's simple text editor with syntax highlighting for almost all programming languages, simple code auto completion, finding words in a whole  folder, open folder as workspace, support for third party plugins, multi line cursor, change the editor theme whether dark or light, and many more sublime text can offer.

What's choose Sublime text over any other editor

Those features may be the reasons why people use and love Sublime text, but also the important thing about why people love sublime text is because it's very light, really simple fast app, writing code is just without delay, it's just feel like writing normal text. Opening and closing sublime text is so amazingly fast, you don't find any other code editor as fast as sublime text, it's as fast as regular notepad, but also you will get little bit decent code highlighting in sublime text.

Most of code editor out there is a freeware, you don't need to pay anything forever for downloading and using the program. As is Sublime text is also free, you can download Sublime text 3 for free from their official website, and just use it without limitation forever. If you registered ST you will get an update for bugs or performance fixes by sublime developer. Also they will show a popup or on the title bar it appears a notification if you don’t have a license key, on sublime text title will show that you are using an unregistered version. You don’t need to worry because there's almost no differences in terms of features for unregistered and registered version.

What's not good about Sublime text

It is really difficult working on Sublime if you have a big integrated code base, it's not supposed to be an IDE where you click the class and it will jump or open that class on separated tab, you can't do that in Sublime text. So you really need to know what code you are writing. Doing simple stuff on Sublime text can be a time saver, but as soon as you are working with a team that you don't understand the codes, and your code getting bigger and bigger, using Sublime text may not be relevant anymore.

But again, it depends on plugins support, if you somehow find the right plugin based on technology or programming language you use for developing you apps, maybe you don't need an IDE, just using sublime text is enough. But unfortunately, the plugins availability in Sublime text is really rare and kind of primitive.

I love sublime text and still using it until now as simple editor text, sometimes just for the speed of its system, when I just want to change one or two lines of codes i prefer to open my codes using sublime text. If i am doing intensive programming i prefer to use an advanced IDE.

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