How To Transfer Data From MySQL To SQL Server Database

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It's a difficult thing when you need to transfer data between two different database systems. It's even difficult when SQL server is one of the databases. For me SQL server is the worst in terms of making our job done quickly. lots of constraints violation, identity violation, will occur so often that it can frustrated lots of people

Transferring between two database often can take time. To do this kind of task requires experiences using the database management tools and understanding of database queries. It can even get really frustrating if it's involve lots of tables and data.

But I hope this list of steps can really help you, this is what works for me using Navicat premium 12.

A. Export Your MySQL Data

1. Open Navicat
2. Create and connect to both mysql and SQL
3. Open all the objects/tables on mysql
4. Select which table you want to transfer
5. Right click then export wizard
6. Export format CSV, next
7.  Click the triangle on select all> choose export selected to same folder, choose or create where you want to save all the exported data
8. Next, next
9. Checked the include column title, next and start the export process

B. Transfer the exported data to SQL server

10. Switch to SQL server connection
11. Right click on the object you want to import one by one, those CSV files

Good luck! I hope it's gonna help you, you can finish all the jobs your project manager given to you.

As for now, if you choose to export into single XLS file, the export will be finished successfully but the import only . Maybe it's just a bug from Navicat 12 i hope in the future they'll fix it.

Working with SQL server i found it to be really difficult, the default setting like identity can not be specified, truncate can not be done unless those table doesn't have relation to another table. Which in mysql it's really easy and don't have that kind of restriction.


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