How To Make Youtube Home Less Annoying

Youtube Home Screenshots Full Of Cartoons

Watching videos online can cure our boredom if we watch the right type of video that we really like and sometimes based on our current mood. When we are so lazy and didn't know what video that can entertain us, make us laugh, or just an information, we can just scrolling YouTube home for the recommendations they gave us. But those videos that appear on the recommendations is still neolithic, it's based on the topic what we mostly watched, and sometimes we just enough, and don't want to watch these types of videos anymore.

Here you can do some little work to personalized YouTube home and get rid of those annoying video recommendations you really don't want to watch.

1. Don't recommend channel

You have option located on the bottom right of video the thumbnail, the options are don't recommend channel, dislike the video, marked it as watched, etc. If you click don't recommend channel, then all the videos from the channel you opt out will not appear again on your YouTube home recommendation section.

2. Remove recommendations based on the previous videos

To remove recommendations based on the previous video you've watched, click on the three dots icon located on the bottom right of the thumbnails, select not interested, select tell us why, then checked the "i am not interested in recommendation based on", finally hit submit.

This option which i don't know why sometimes it appears sometimes don't, will remove some videos that has similar topic with this video, if for example cooking, then after you remove this recommendation, the cooking topic will rarely appear on your homepage. A recommended video is based on the previous videos you've watched, and what other people watched after that.

3. Clear YouTube watch history

Go to history menu, and simply click the X (remove button) on each videos that you don't want the similar video like that occurs on the homepage, if you remove cartoons for example then the cartoons will rarely appears on the homepage. By removing watched history, YouTube will not recommend you to watch similar things anymore.

That's what I usually do to make my YouTube homepage video recommendations a bit less annoying, the system is not perfect and to be honest it is a mess, It doesn't recommend me any video that i really want to watch, or either it's because I kind of already watch them all so I am not interested in that.


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