How You Can Make Money From Youtube, Explanation

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Many Youtubers already proves that in this internet age becoming popular is doable nowadays for everyone, and most importantly you can do it by yourself. Becoming a Youtuber can also be a very simple and practical way people can make money.

It is actually not that hard for us to at least making dinner money from YouTube, or even follow those  Youtuber who's already famous and make a lot of money. It is not hard because the way of making money as a Youtuber is not a hidden secret. It is simple, all you need to do is just you  by consistently uploading an original and quality content at minimum 2 or 3 videos a week. I think that's all, after that you can just wait for people start to watch your videos and subscribing to your channel, you will see your channel growing day by day if you do that simple method. Also a little bit of help from social media by you share the link to your videos and promote it on Facebook or Twitter, or whatever social media you use, the more the better, but don't be too over.

After you reached a requirement amount of views and subscribers, which is now your channel needs 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months, and 1,000 subscribers for Google ads can be displayed on your channel and you start to gain earnings from your Youtube videos.

Why is it Youtube paying money to Youtubers

It's about advertising, every video you watch on Youtube and then if there's an ads showing before the video is playing or in the middle of play. The publisher, the person who uploaded it, will get some little amount of money from the advertiser how placed the ads through google ads platform. The amount you gain from each ads depends on the advertisers bids, different advertisers different amount.

Google advertisers ranges from small individual company to big corporations, from just promoting their brands to selling real goods, for example clothing, electronic stuff, digital products, even dog food. Almost everything from all broad industry is now campaigning, promoting and place an advertisement to Google. Mostly you only saw some small categories of that ads, you don't see them all because the ads that appear on YouTube or any other Google platform is being filtered based on you interest.

What you need to do

So simple, just find a way to create more videos and upload it to your contents, you don't need to do anything other than focus on making quality content video, well don't need to be perfect, but just put some effort into it. After you reached monetization requirements, Google will send you an email when you're eligible to apply it.

After you create a Youtube channel, you can go to Youtube studio and you can see statistic, your monetization status and even a guidance to help you how to get paid straight to your bank account. Also remember that you can not stop making videos even after you become popular, otherwise other new Youtubers will take your position and your popularity and earnings can gradually declined.

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