How To Wrap Text In Microsoft Excel Windows

Before wrapping the long text

Sometimes when we are working on Microsoft Excel, when we have long words to write it on an excel cell, without formatting it just looks messy, so we need to format the column that has long description of text, wrap the text to make it more readable on our computer screen. Here's how to wrap the text on excel column so that we can make it look beautiful and readable.

1. Just select or block the column that contains long words, in this example is column C, click on the column C
2. On the home tab, select Wrap text

3. Now you can adjust the width of the column based on your needs.

After wrapping the text

As a programmer or whatever your job, spreadsheet is one important and handy program we can use, I am still using spreadsheets to do some data export and import from XLS or CSV document to the application I developed. Sometimes I use it for writing to do list or tasks that I need to work on it, it's much more clear writing it on spreadsheet than any notes application for example notepad. 

Microsoft excel is helpful program for working with numbers, tabular data. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. It is really one of the greatest spreadsheet programs are currently exist.

There’s also Google docs which i am also use it heavily, it also has text wrapping feature, but I am going to cover it how to wrap long text on Google Spreadsheet later.


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