How To Video Recording On Windows 10 Using Xbox Game Bar

XBOX Game Bar Windows Screen Recorder

If you want to make a software presentation or video demo demonstration, you need to have a video recorder program installed on your computer. Luckily if you are using Windows 10, now it has its own tool to do that, without you need to download that kind of program from a third party vendor, which may not be safe and can contain viruses. Windows 10 default screen recorder program is called Xbox Game Bar.

If you don’t know how to do screen recording on windows, here's step by step how you can do screen recording with Xbox Game Bar

1. Open Xbox game bar

To open Xbox gamebar, just press windows key and search for "xbox game bar" on the windows start menu. Then click the icon to open the program. After it's being open, you can explore the program features or just don’t do anything. when you click on other areas than the gamebar  app, the app will disappear but it will running on the background, so don't worry about that, the program is not completely closed.

2. Press Windows + Alt + R

Whenever you want to start making screen recording, press the Windows key + alt + R. After that the recording status will appear in the middle of the screen, to indicate that the program is starting to make a recording of your computer screens. And then if you want to stop it, simply by just click on the red dotted button on the recording bar.

3. Show All captures

If you want to see the recording list. Now open the Xbox game bar, look at the left side of the program, and then click on show all captures, that’s all of your works is being listed.

4. Open the video location

All of your video results, all screens you've recorded is by default saved and located on folder C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Videos\Captures. You can open it using File Explorer,browse all the list of your videos, open it and play it.

And now you have your videos ready to publish. Xbox game bar is really simple yet so helpful, it's purpose is mainly for gamers recording their gameplays, but you can also use it for everything not just for gaming. And if you don't have Xbox game bar installed on your PC, you can search for it on Microsoft store, or simply follow this link Xbox Game Bar Download Microsoft Store.

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