Get The Last Modified Files By Date Using Windows Powershell

How to Get The Last Modified Files, Power Shell Commands

When you edited a file and want to know which files are being modified for example after December 5 2019, you can do this command using Powershell, a new terminal or console application in Windows 10. Here's the command line syntax to do that.

Dir C:\Users\adam\Documents\MyProject -r | ? {! $_.PSIsContainer -AND $_.lastwritetime -ge '12/25/2019'}

C:\Users\adam\Documents\MyProject which you can change it where the path location of the files you want to get. 12/25/2019 is you specifying the date after, so it will only shows you all the files which are being modified after December 25, 2019 under the directory C:\Users\adam\Documents\MyProject.

Important that the files that’s being modified on December 25 will be excluded to include the files modified at December 25, just change the date to 12/24/2019.

Can you do that on the old command prompt application?
Unfortunately no you can't, I've tried it myself and it didn't work. There's a bunch of commands that can only work on Powershell, but almost if not all of the old windows CMD commands can be work on Powershell.

Windows Powershell commands is new handy Command prompt application, to list all the files under specific last modified date use those commands above. It is simple but sometimes can be really useful commands.

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