Adminer Simplest Database Management Tool

Adminer DB Management Interface

Adminer is simple database management system written in PHP, it is so simple that it only a one file program, yes a single PHP file capable of fully managing your database without help any other database management system. So simple, easy to use and full pledged and production ready, it is okay to use adminer in production server, as long as you keep your password safe.

It support relational database system like MySQL or Maria DB. So far, I've only doing those two database type, and i have tried it to connect with Microsoft SQL server but it didn't work. I don't know for sure why can't adminer be use for managing MS SQL Database, but maybe someday they will work on it and finally we can use it to work with Microsoft SQL Server Database.

The simplicity of the program is what make me or everyone else like that, to use it, basically you just need to copy and paste one single "adminer.php" to whatever location you like, as long as it is accessible by browser or HTTP request. To download adminer, you can go to their official website here :


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