Sciences News Website

Livescience Homepage is a website that provide daily sciences news, it cover almost sciences field from anthropology to astronomy, and everything else about sciences. And it's active and well managed, so don't worry about the credibility of the news they shared, it is fully credible source.

If you like sciences and want to keep update on what's new on sciences, Livesciense is the kind of website you would like to bookmark. You can subscribe to their mail list, so you can get notified by mail when there's new news coming on their website.

The problem with Livesciense is that they are  full of ads all over the pages, it's annoying and kind of looks unprofessional, you can't read the article comfortably because they only leave small space for the article because the ads is cover on the top and bottom of the page, and sometime on the right and the left side.


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