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Medium is of popular blogging platform, it has modern and simple interface, make it easier and comfortable to use. It has also large number of community. Compare to another blogging platform, medium is complete package, it has everything you want to support your writing.

It has minimalist editor, minimalist tool for just basic underlining, bold, italic, etc, doesn't need to have bunch of unused tool. Medium also has clap feature, it similar to like in we see on typical social media, but clap allow you to not just like a single time, you can clap more than one time, so if you have good writing, it's possible to have thousands of clap even just with few readers. And Medium also has highlighting feature, so if you find some sentences in article you want to highlighted, it is possible to do that.

Bad thing is, Medium is not free blogging, you are limited to read only some few posts, i guest is three. And it doesn't have feature for writing HTML code, or change your blog theme. There's nothing you can to make your blog looks different than other medium blog. But features is flexible, something that not available today, is possible in the future.

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