McDelivery - How To Order Food In Indonesia Menu List

McDonalds is a international scale fast-food company, they almost everywhere in cities of the world, they may be hundreds of it in Indonesia, mostly only in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, etc.

The thing about McDonalds in Indonesia is, it is precious restaurant for the most people in Indonesia, they have relatively above the price of average food price in Indonesia, about two times more expensive, they have large parking lot, bigger building compare to any other restaurant here. available in web version and mobile version, the web is simple and easy to use compare to the mobile app, they are to small and hard to make an order. McDelevery has many payment system, you can pay online through credit card, Doku Wallet, TCash.

Other than ordering through phone call, McDelivery the app version is much more efficient way to do if you want to order McDonald's foods, you can look the menu and decide which item would you buy. If you don't know the Bahasa Indonesia, you can change it to English on the top left of the page.


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