ASUS Battery Health Charging Software To Make Your Battery Life Longer

ASUS Battery Health Charging

ASUS battery health life charging is a program you can use with your ASUS laptop to maximize the lifespan of your laptop battery. By using this software it can make your laptop battery life last longer compared to if you are not using this tool at all. 

By using ASUS Battery Health Charging, it will increase the longevity of your battery life. So it is economically better to use this app rather than to let your laptop over charge which can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.

Link to download ASUS Battery Health Charging Software

This app is very helpful so if you don’t have the app installed on your laptop, you can find it on Microsoft Store, search on it using keywords “ASUS battery health charging” or simply just click here to download ASUS battery health charging referring to the app on Windows store.

Begin the installation on your Windows PC. Soon after that launch the app and set the ASUS Battery Health Charging, which amount or capacity the program will stop the charging process to your laptop battery.

Currently there are only three options you can choose. The amount in percent to choose the maximum capacity of the battery.

1. Full capacity mode, this mode will always charge your battery to maximum 100%. This is basically the same as if you are not using this program, the charging will go without a filter.
2. Balance mode, this mode maintains 80% charge capacity to provide you with ample battery life.
3. Maximum lifespan mode, this mode maintains 60% charge capacity to prolong overall battery lifespan.

ASUS ATK package must be installed

This program needs the ASUS ATK package to work, so if you want this software to work, you need to install the ASUS ATK package first, you can go to the ASUS download center to install the ATK package, link to download ASUS ATK package is here. After that installation, you need to restart your computer.

How ASUS Battery Health Charging Work

The mechanism of this program works by stopping your computer charging process when it reaches a specific percentage of the battery, which you can adjust on the settings. By doing this your laptop battery won’t be electrically overcharged even though the adapter is still plugged in.

The app then will reduce the endurance of the battery by some percentage of capacity not bigger than 100%, so it makes your computer battery can not be used for the long term. You have to increase the life saving app to maximum capacity if you want to fully charge the laptop.

About ASUS Laptop

I love ASUS laptops, they have many ranges of series and support for lots of software, especially Zenbook. I remember using the Asus ZenBook 13 and I love using it for daily activities. 

The keyboard is lovely to use and the hardware just works fast and no problem, and it is durable enough even though I dropped it so many times. I bought the laptop and do not regret my decision at all. Asus laptops are a very trusted laptop/notebook.

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