Onefilecms Simple Yet Useful File Manager

Onefilecms simple single file file manager

If you have server running that you need to manage, you must have file manager, Onefilecms is one of the kind of file manger, the different than any other file manager out there is that, Onefilecms is just so simple, it only consists of one single file. So simple and useful, i occasionally using it because it's so practices..

Even just one single file, you can do almost anything with your file, creating new file, copy the file, cut the file, or even capable of editing your file as long as it is plaint text type of file. It's just don't have compressing and decompressing zip or any other similar file, but maybe in the future those feature will exist.

To run Onefilecms, you just need to have upload one single PHP file, yes it is build using PHP, so you nee to have PHP on your server. If you have Wordpress installed, simple just put Onefilecms on the root of your Wordpress location.

To download Onefilecms you can go to, download the file, all you need is only one single file call "onefilecms.php", you can directly access that file, for example http://yourdomain/onefilecms.php. And don't forget to change the default username and password which is 'username' and 'password', so other people can't using it.

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