Android OS Short Review

Android Mobile Operating System

Android is the most used mobile OS, it is open source, so there's nothing hidden behind the android. And of course the performance is so fast, that's why they beat any other OS except the IPhone.

Android has really large community, android developer is everywhere, almost anybody want to make their own app or games, it is because developing Android is easier than developing other mobile app on another OS, google provides tool like Android studio which make developer become more and more interested to develop android app.

But not just the software side, but the hardware side is flooded with so many smartphone manufacture want to build their phone based on android OS. Again it's because android is free yet capable of doing bigger thing. With android, you can do almost anything, never like before.

But the sad thing is, Android soon or later will be replaced either by Google itself, because rumor says that there is new OS called Fuschia, or even not by Google, maybe there's new mobile OS better than Android, whatever it is, it is the cycle of technology, not everything can be long lasting, when there comes new thing better than other, they will be the choices of the people.

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