Gmail - The Most Used and Secure Email Services

Gmail on web browser

We all have email, or even more than one email, maybe because we forgot the older email or we just don't like our email, or our email provider. One of the most reasonable thing why we have more than one email addresses is because creating email is so easy. It almost take no time and only one step button click. So easy that even beginner using internet, they can do it. But if you are confused to created an email, there is one post I've create to create an email, here's the link

Gmail is the most used email service in the world, almost of my friend, my co workers, they are using gmail as their email provider. Gmail is popular because it is under the name of their owner, Google. Google has everything to keep gmail to be loved email by many people. The keep innovating new feature and look, and performance and many other aspects that other company can not do.

Gmail is still used because it is integrated with other Google products, mostly if people using Android, they are forced to log in to your Google account using Gmail. Any many other product can be used by using gmail, you can do quick login using Gmail in many platform.

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