Navicat The Best Database Management Tool

Navicat database management tool

There are so many database tool in the world, from the simplest one like Adminer to enterprise level tool like SQL Server Management Tool. If you are a database administrator, you really need the best tool and suited for your environment, the right tool that can bring you to be much more productivity.

The best tool you can have is Navicate, it full pledged database managment system, doing things like queries, showing tables data, insert data, filtering, designing table, it can do a lot of things. And it capable for not doing just MySQL database system, it support other database, MySQL, P

Navicat is in my personal opinion the best tool for managing database, it capable of doing and handling queries, and support many variant of database system. Not only mainstream database like MySQL or MariaDB, Navicat can do many other database system, for example Microsoft SQL server. The best thing about Navicat is that you can transfer your database data, scheme and structure between two different database system, like for example transferring MySQL to MS SQL Server and so forth,  you can even do it for remote database management.

Navicat is complete package, it is really recommended for your company, yes, Navicat is not friendly for personal or individual use, there's no free edition for Navicat, it only has premium and enterprise edition, so it basically just for doing serious database business. But no worry, if you . Also if you are really serious in technology world especially in IT and database system, it is worth to have Navicat installed. It is available on Windows and Mac OS.

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