How To Generate Mobile App Icon In Many Different Sizes

Create a mobile app can be really daunting, there is to many thing that can be done easily if we are working on web app, but really difficult to do in mobile app. One of the hard things is to create icon for our mobile app. There are lots of icon size we need to have in order to work nicely in mobile devices, it is because there should be many icon in variety of size in smart phone, for example icon for launcher, icon for different screen size, or different pixel density, icon for notification, etc. They require us to create different size for our mobile app.

This post we will be using online icon generator that can generate one single icon into many size of icon, so we don't need to do it manually one by one, we are gonna using Follow these steps bellow.

1. Open your browser and go to the web
Click "Choose file" button then select your icon with recommendation size 1536x1536 px.

2. Upload will take a while, just wait it, then enter your app name. Then click next.

3. Then choose your app category and app keywords.
App keywords is just text that describe your app label by labels, for example you can enter: cats, dogs, birds, animal. Then click next again.

4. Now enter your valid email which they will ship your app icon into it. Open your email, an incoming email from makeappicon, then click the download link.

This is great app and help us a lot creating our mobile app icon. It is easy to use and not requiring us resizing our icon by our hand. Now you can start to continue developing your mobile app again.

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