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Stackoverflow is forum for software developer asking and answering question, it is also a great site for newbie to learn programming, by learn i mean if something going wrong or your code didn't work, Stackoverflow has everything. So many different type of programming language, Java, Typescript, SQL or Framework like Spring or Flutter. Yes ranging from Desktop, web, mobile and even embedded devices.

Stackoverflow has millions of questions, and much more answers, it is really big, the community is very active, they compete each other for badges and reputation. Badges is kind of reward, badges are like "Peer Pressure", Student", etc. Reputation is like point, it is represented by number, it possible to you to have bad reputation, your reputation is minus.

The nice thing about Stackoverflow is it is easier to get solution, you don't need to scroll deep down to the page or even go to next page, or even worse identifying it one by one, because the solution is usually on the very top of other answer, and they have green check icon, which is really recognizable that answer is the right solution.


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