Maximize Youtube For Self Improvement

TED Talks Self Improvement

Youtube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world, million peoples active watching many variety of videos, from music, movie trailers, vlogs and some people using it wisely to educate themselves by watching many quality videos.

People say Youtube is worst, parent may prevent their kids to use it, don't waste your time on Youtube because it's just time wasting, but there's other positive side of Youtube, it is education type of video. There are many channels on Youtube that aims to educate people, they teach you basic science, basic money management, not just basic but sometime into more serious and deep teaching in many field.

As and adult or teenager turn into adult life, Self improvement is one of the must thing to do in your life, you need to get better at your self, or social life, or financially or else you'll be a useless garbage society that have no self awareness about anything that you need to have. Be healthy, watching channel about health diet, people who doing exercise on their vlog. Be smart, maybe watch some science channel, watching TED talk or similar.

Youtube provides really huge material to get you into better life, improving your life, you just have to be wise, not wasting your time on watching video that has no value other than to entertainment, of course you need an entertainment, but sometimes you are doing it over to much, you forget to learn, you forget to investing to yourself. Start from now to say no to wasting your time on no valuable content, look into anything that can educate yourself.

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