Notepad++ Simple And Useful Text Editor

Notepad++ Simple Useful Text Editor

There are tons of text editor program out there, it ranges from the very simple but so light so that you can start the program quickly like the native Windows notepad to the very advance editor that can check spelling like Grammarly. They are useful depends in your situation, if you just want to make a simple note, like for example reminder, writing task or to do list you can use notepad. But if you want to write like for example blog post or formal letter, you can use Grammarly or Microsoft word, you decide which best suited for your use case.

Notepad++ is program that either it is simple and advanced, some people use notepad++ for writing some to do list, and mostly it can be use for writing codes. You can use notepad++ if you just writing some simple codes like HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP, it is so fast because it just simple code editor, you can get some basic features for coding like text coloring, folding, some auto complete, navigation bar. But you can't get more advanced feature like high level code completion, code intel-sense, etc. That's what make notepad++ so simple.

To download Notepad++, you can go to their official website, it is completely free software, so you don't need to purchase any subscription or plans. You can download it by this link

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