Tsunami Happen After Anak Krakatau Erupted

Tsunami happen after Anak Krakatau erupted, in December 22th at about 10pm Indonesian Western Time. Krakatau is the most dangerous volcanic mountain in the world, because what most people already know that in about 1883 there was a massive explosion that not only kill thousands of people in Dutch-East India current day Indonesia, but also caused global temperature to drop about 1 degree.

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Krakatau eruption is a common, so many local geologist maybe not aware that this December eruption could be end devastating. There is no sign that tsunami could be happen by this eruption. So the tsunami itself is technically happen not from the eruption itself, but still the landslide probably still

People on the internet are complaining why there is no alarm system that could ring and warn people that there will be a tsunami. Yes, in Indonesia, there's not much alarm system available on every cost of the islands, even in the dangerous area near Krakatau. If there's such technology whatever simple it is, maybe people can get noticed an prepare to escape from the danger, and their live could be saved.


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