Headphone Not Plugged-in on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the ultimate version of Windows operating system series, it is the latest and the best of any other windows version. Microsoft as the owner is focusing their team to be work on windows 10 and less in earlier version. So getting windows 10 is the recommended version for your computer OS.

But sometimes Windows 10 as new OS, it has many program that can't work properly on our device, it's called a bug. Sometimes it's not even bug, it's just your windows installation isn't completed or with the wrong driver, etc.

To get rid of error on Audio device, windows 10 using Realtek high definition audio driver, sometimes it's buggy, didn't work properly on our computer. This post is simply just how to fix earphone or headphone that couldn't plugged in to our computer, or Windows not detecting our headphones.

1. Simply go to device manager, you can search it in start menu. After it's open, under Sounds, video and game controllers, right click on Realtek High Definition Audio.

2. After you right click Realtek high definition audio, a menu will appear, click Uninstall device and  wait for uninstall process finished.

3. After it's finish, restart your computer.

Don't worry about this process, Windows will automatically re-installing the driver again once the computer is started. And it will fixing the issue you face.

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